December 9, 2021

Updated May 23, 2018 07:16:30 The state of Arizona’s massage classification system is based on a system that has been used for decades in other states, according to an Associated Press analysis of state laws and records.

The AP found that the state has about two dozen massage classification systems in place for the majority of the state’s health insurance plans.

The most popular are in the metro area, where most people have health insurance.

The AP looked at more than 2,500 of those, looking for information about whether a person could receive a massage, or be charged a massage fee for it.

The Associated Press found that more than half of all health insurers that provide massage coverage in Arizona also have their own classification system.

The health insurers did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A spokesman for the state Health Department, Steve Smith, said the agency has not issued an update to the state massage classification.

The state also did not respond to a request for comment, as required by law.

The Arizona Health Care Association said the state uses a system with the highest classification.

The AP obtained documents showing how the health insurers and the state classify health care.

The documents show the health care associations and the health insurance companies have varying levels of flexibility to classify a patient’s condition, the AP found.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) bars insurance companies from discriminating against people based on health conditions, including mental health and substance abuse.

The Affordable Care Act includes a section that requires health insurance issuers to offer coverage for “massage” services.

The AHCA says that massage therapy is not a health care service.

In the law, the term is defined as a form of “physical therapy, therapeutic exercise or other treatment or treatment-related services.”

The definition does not specify how a massage can be defined as such.

But the AHCA allows insurance companies to require that health care providers include information about “massaging therapy” on their health insurance policies, but the term does not appear in the law.

The Associated Press contacted the state health department, which did not reply to a call or an email seeking comment.

The Health Department did not send an email to the AP requesting comment.AP Health Writer Emily Schoen wrote this article.

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