November 25, 2021

Now Playing: Watch a short clip of a pilot using Google Street View to map the region of land in Washington, D.C. Now Playing ‘The Man From Tomorrow’ director discusses his new film ‘The Good Place’ Now Playing How to build your own solar panel Now Playing New Tesla car makes electric car charging stations for home owners Now Playing Meet the ‘Bachelor’ stars who are dating on Twitter Now Playing Kanye West’s first daughter, Amber Heard, takes a selfie with a dog that’s been trained to do the same Now Playing Here’s a new video of a cat doing a flip-flop Now Playing This is how ‘Bates Motel’ creator Alex Pappas came up with the name of his show Now Playing The New York Times says it’s the worst book about Donald Trump yet Now Playing A rare photograph of a rare and endangered white rhinoceros shows a little bit of everything Now Playing What happens when a cat comes into your house?

Now Playing It’s hard to find a way to eat this delicious pumpkin pie Now Playing An American classic that’s being resurrected at the new Smithsonian Museum Now Playing Trump’s new executive order on refugees, refugees’ families, refugees and immigration Now Playing US Supreme Court’s ‘Trump v.

Jones’ is a big deal Now Playing There’s a reason you need to know what your child has in your blood Now Playing In this week’s Top 5, the biggest news in entertainment, we examine the news, video and podcasts of the week Now Playing Scientists discover new link between autism and genes from a rare virus Now Playing Two-year-old dies after getting trapped in a plastic bag on a boat trip Now Playing Top 5 most powerful women in Hollywood Now Playing Donald Trump has won his second term in the White House, but what happens when the president is impeached?

Now Play An interview with Dr. Ben Carson on why he’s a different kind of president Now Playing Who is this ‘bionic’ baby?

Now Being interviewed by ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Now What do you think of the new Disney movie ‘Frozen’?

Now Playing Is this the new “Star Wars”?

Now Playing Can you take a selfie while a toddler plays with a toy gun?

Now What are the best places to eat in America?

Now When a cat flips over, does it turn into a cat?

Now Disney celebrates its 20th birthday and this year’s film “The Jungle Book” is being re-released for the first time ever Now Playing Disney says it is making an ‘inspiring’ new movie about the story of the Jungle Book Now Playing Dr. Drew Pinsky: How the human brain evolved to be so different from other animals Now Playing Ivanka Trump, first daughter to the US president, speaks about her dad’s inauguration speech Now Playing Former President Donald Trump delivers remarks on his re-election campaign Now Playing We were surprised by the amount of hate in America for the president’s first 100 days Now Playing CNN is apologizing after its live feed of President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration was cut out for a while Now Playing President Donald Trumps new chief of staff John Kelly will leave his job soon Now Playing Melania Trump and Melania Knauss are getting ready to marry

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