November 2, 2021

Podcasts that are about sex are a growing trend in the United States and are becoming increasingly popular in Europe, according to a new survey.

In the UK, the podcast “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (created by Joy Behar) has been viewed by more than 2 million people.

It was also downloaded more than 100 million times in the UK alone, according the BBC.

In the US, “Sex and the City: Sex & Stylistics” has been downloaded more more than 50 million times.

The survey by digital-media company Setx, which surveyed 1,000 UK listeners, found that podcast listeners were more likely to describe themselves as “sexual curious” than “sex-positive” and more likely than “genderqueer” to say they prefer “curious” and “sexual” stories to “sad and sad stories.”

However, in the US podcast listeners are more likely “sex and relationships” listeners and “sexy dating” listeners than “cuddly love” and are also more likely of “sexuality and relationships.”

In Europe, podcast listeners of “Sex & Styn” are also far more likely in Europe to describe their sexuality as “heterosexual,” while in the U.S., “Candy Crush Saga” listeners are also the most likely in the EU to describe sex and relationships as “straight.”

However,” in the States, the survey also found that the podcast audience is less likely than in Europe or in the world to describe itself as “gender fluid.””

Gender fluid” is a term that describes the notion that someone may be neither male nor female.

In Europe and the U of S, gender fluid is a taboo subject that has caused many to shun or avoid certain topics, including LGBTQ+ topics, and certain topics that might cause others to question or even shun the people who identify as transgender, according Behar.

She added, “In the US we are very much against the idea of gender fluidity.

It is a very divisive subject.

It has never been OK to have this subject in the public square.

“The show has also been banned in Sweden, France, Denmark, Norway, the U-K and Italy.

The show was banned in France in November 2016 for “disrupting religious beliefs.”

In Italy, it was banned for two years after “sexually explicit and/or suggestive content.”

The episode “Coffee with the Devil” in France, which Behar created in 2006, was also banned, and in Denmark, the show “Tales from the Bedroom” was banned.

In Italy and France, the shows were banned due to their content.

In Denmark, they were banned for the first time in the country’s history in 2017.”

If you are interested in being more open, you’ll like it.””

If you don’t like sex and romance, you won’t like this show.

If you are interested in being more open, you’ll like it.”

The UK’s BBC has been banned from using podcasts in the wake of the show’s ban in France and the show is no longer available in Ireland.

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