October 29, 2021

By using dragraceresults to classify a person’s dragrace performances, researchers at the University of Adelaide have discovered that they can identify some of the best performers in the world.

“We are in a race to understand what the best drag racers are and where we are in that race,” Dr Peter G. Siegel, a senior lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences and one of the project’s authors, told The Australian Financial Review.

“This is a very exciting work and one that can be extremely useful to the public and also to health care practitioners.”

Dr G.

Siegel said dragraceResults had been developed by a group of researchers from the University and Australian National University, who worked in collaboration with researchers from Melbourne’s University of Technology.

Dr Siegel said he had been working on the project for five years, having started working on it in his final year at the Royal Veterinary College.

Dr G., who is based at the Australian National Centre for Biomedical Research (ANU) in Melbourne, and Dr G.A., a professor of medicine at ANU, are both working at the Adelaide campus.

Dr H., a researcher at the Melbourne Medical School, is also a member of the team, which is funded by the Australian Government.

Dr Michael R. Smith, a professor at the ANU who is also an author of the paper, said the system could potentially provide a better way of identifying doctors and nurses, for example, by using their ability to recognise and discriminate between patients with and without chronic conditions.

“Dr Giegel’s work is groundbreaking and opens up new avenues for the application of the dragrace result classification system in medicine,” Dr Smith said.

“In a large number of clinical trials, we have seen doctors with multiple conditions, and some of them have very high levels of their risk factors that they would have to monitor in order to identify a particular patient, and dragraceresult classifiers can give us a way of doing that.”

Dr Sikes team found that the ability to categorise dragrace performance had an impact on how doctors and nurse candidates were chosen for the race.

Dr Smith said dragraces had previously been used to identify patients with multiple health conditions, but Dr Giegel and Dr Sikes research found that they were also used to detect people with chronic conditions such as obesity.

Dr D.G. and Dr D.A. had chronic conditions, Dr H. had obesity, and the rest had chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Dr N.S. was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and Ms G. had Type 2 diabetes.

The research was published in the journal BMC Medicine.

Dr Paul C. Brown, a research fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Advanced Medical Research, who was not involved in the research, said it was a “great paper” that had been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

“It is an excellent example of what is possible with a system that is being developed by the ANZU and the University,” Dr Brown said.

Dr Brown said there was still much work to be done before the system was widely adopted in Australia, and it was too early to say whether the system would have an impact in Australia.

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