October 28, 2021

The Forest Service in Arizona is classifying forest as one of the most dangerous places in the state.

The agency is using a different classification system for the region.

That classification is a less severe version of the National Incident-Based Reporting System, which requires agencies to classify forests according to a specific set of criteria.

The Forest Ranger Service has the final word on how forests are classified in Arizona.

It is a complicated process, but the Forest Ranger District, which manages the region’s forest, has the authority to classify all the land in the county.

It’s unclear how the Forest Service is deciding which forests are dangerous, but Forest Service spokeswoman Jennifer Loughlin said the agency has a strong system for determining what is and isn’t dangerous.

The designation for the woodlands area of the forest, for example, is that it is “very likely dangerous.”

The Forest Agency does not classify the area as “dangerous,” she said.

In an email to the Arizona Daily Star, Loughline said the designation for this area was made on a “case-by-case basis” and that the Forest Agency “does not have any authority to issue any specific classification.”

But Loughliner said that the designation “does have a very significant impact on the safety of the forests in the region, which include the Woodlands National Forest.”

The agency uses the NIRS classification system because it’s easier to understand and classify the data, Louglin said.

But that classification system can be misleading, Loynes said.

“It’s really not that difficult to classify a forest as dangerous,” she added.

She added that the agency is working with local government agencies to better define the forest’s classification.

“We are working with them to identify areas that they would prefer to classify as forest, and we will then work with them on that classification, which will be consistent with their requirements,” Loughins said.

The Woodlands Forest is part of the Woodland National Forest.

In a release, the Forest Rangers District said that it was able to classify the wooded area in the Forest Valley as “extremely dangerous.”

“As a result, the district has determined that the forest is highly likely to be dangerous, including with respect to human health, habitat loss and disturbance,” the release said.

Loughlins said that a Forest Ranger has the discretion to decide which forest is classified as dangerous.

“In our view, there are no specific requirements that a forest classification must be based on or that all forest classification be based upon a certain threshold or criteria,” Loyns said.

She said the Forest agency will continue to work with local governments to identify the best way to classify forest in their areas.

“As the Forest and Fire Service is responsible for maintaining forestland in Arizona, we will continue working to ensure that all forests remain safe and healthy,” she wrote.

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