October 21, 2021

A company is offering to build a 3-D printed home using 3-d printers to help children learn about home construction.

The company, KSL Classifieds, announced Monday that it will use a 3DPrinted house to teach students about home building.

The goal is to teach kids about the fundamentals of home building, like the construction process and how to use a home as a structure to create their own house.

The 3D printer is a “fabricator-grade 3D printing platform that is capable of 3D-printing in a variety of sizes and shapes, and supports the use of a wide range of materials,” KSL’s website said.

The home will cost $1.5 million to build, according to the website.

The project is the first for KSL, and the company is aiming to expand its offerings in the future.

The website for the project notes that the printer can print a house using either wood, plastic, or even glass.

KSL is offering the first house, which will be built with a “wood-clad” frame.

The frame can be a solid wooden frame or a metal frame, which allows for the use the building as a platform to create the desired home.

Ksl also notes that using 3D printers “provides a great way to get a first taste of building a house.”

The company has already tested a 3d printed house that was used in a school project and it also plans to test its new house in schools around the country, Ksl’s website says.

KSM Classified Ads’ owner, David Schmitt, told CNBC that the company has built houses using 3d printers before, but it was something new.

“It was a whole new approach,” he said.

“We have never built a home before, and it was not a typical classroom project.

So the challenge was building the house from scratch.

We did it using a combination of a metal-clad steel frame, a wooden frame, and then a metal floor.”

He added that the house has a “very high finish quality,” which helps teach kids the construction of a house.

He also said that the 3d printer was not used to print out walls or roofs, instead the building material was used to build the structure.

He said that using a 3dp printer to build out a house “was not a great idea for our school because we would have had to build it out of materials that are not available in other schools.”

The home was built in just three days, he said, adding that it has already been used by a number of families.

He added, “We had some really good feedback from the families about how they felt the building process was, and I’m very happy about that.”

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