October 19, 2021

The final two episodes of Drag Race season 3 were aired last night, and you can catch all of the highlights of the show on ABC.

We’ve got all of them below.

(Click here for the full episode guide.)1.

Kim Chi’s Drag Race Winner: Kim Chi2.

Kim’s Drag-A-Day Winner: Anna Torv3.

Kim and Adam in a Love Boat4.

The Final Battle of Kim and Kim5.

Drag Race Finale: Anna, Kim, and Adam6.

Kim vs. Kim 7.

Kims Drag Race Contestant of the Year8.

The Next Drag Race Champion9.

The Most Controversial Drag Race Elimination: Kim vs Kim10.

The Best Drag Race Moment: Kim, Adam, and Kim taking on Adam11.

Kim Goes on Drag Race to Fight Cancer: Kim’s mom12.

Kim, Kim vs Adam13.

Kim Gets Her Own Real Life Reality TV Show14.

The Top Five Things to Do in 2017 in Drag Race15.

Kim Is a Drag Race Monster16.

Kim is a Dragrace Monster17.

Kim & Adam in the Top Five Celebrity Drag Queens18.

Kim Takes on Kim’s Mom19.

Kim Returns to Drag Race: Kim talks about her time in the house and her future with Kim20.

Kim talks to Kim on the show: Kim shares her thoughts on her appearance on Drag Queen and her plans to take on the next season21.

Kim Discusses She’s Going to Make a Real-Life Reality TV Series22.

Kim on The View: Kim discusses her new book and her role as the first African American on the reality television show23.

Kim: I’ll Keep You in My Heart24.

Kim discusses the first time she met Kim and the first Drag Race competition25.

Kim Talks About Being a Drag Queen: Kim shared her thoughts about her life as a drag queen26.

Kim Reveals the Best Moments from Her Drag Race Career27.

Kim Shares Her Top Five Favorite Moments from her Drag Race History28.

Kim On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Kim tells Stephen about her love of Late Night, her relationship with Stephen, and her favorite moments from her time on Late Night29.

Kim Has an Inspiration for a New Reality Show: Kim was interviewed on Late Late Show and revealed that she is a fan of the drag-centric series Drag Race 30.

Kim shares a few of her favorite scenes from her drag-based reality series, including her performance on RuPauls Drag Crew31.

Kim in the Drag Races: Kim had some choice words for the other competitors in the season, but said she would always have fun competing in the next competition32.

Kim Channels Her Inner Whitney Houston: Kim revealed that while Whitney is “the one who got away,” she also was inspired by her own experiences.

Kim shared that her own drag was so successful because she was the one who was able to find love, not the other way around33.

Kim reveals the one thing she’s thankful for in life: Kim said she “thinks I have a future in drag”34.

Kim Shows off her BFF with Kim Chi: Kim showed off her best friend Kim Chi on the season finale.

Kim told the magazine that Kim Chi is her best friends best friend, and that he has a good friendship with Kim.

Kim was also happy to have her friend back in Drag Races, but she says she “didn’t expect” her to be back.35.

Kim And Adam Discuss Their Favorite Moments: Kim talked to her fellow contestants on the first episode of Drag Racing season 3, and she shared that she would never have met Adam if she hadn’t met Kim.

“I think I just never had a chance to talk to him.

He was the first drag queen that I met,” Kim told The Hollywood Reporter.

“He’s been a drag legend and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m so happy to see you.’

I would’ve never met him, but now I’m his friend and I’m going to keep him.”36.

Kim Got a First-Ever Real-World Job: Kim says she was hired to work as a hairstylist in New York.

Kim says that she was also hired to be a bartender and then as a personal assistant.

She is currently doing her first real job as a bartender, working at a restaurant called The Lady Gaga Bar.

Kim said that she’s still learning the ropes, but says that it’s going to be “a great experience”37.

Kim Says That She’s Looking for the Right Career to Build: Kim told THR that she doesn’t have a career goal yet, but that she has an “awesome idea” that she wants to get out there and get to know people.

“What I’ve always loved is doing something for someone, and I love to get to meet people and connect with people,” she said. “So

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