October 15, 2021

The Off-road category is a broad umbrella of off-road activities, including mountain biking, scuba diving, snowboarding, and more.

There are a wide range of different types of off road terrain, and there are several different types and levels of off roads in Australia. 

The classification of the off-roads classifieds is the result of a complex process where a variety of factors are taken into consideration. 

What are the classification categories? 

A classification is a group of categories which are grouped by type and level of activity and which are defined by a variety a criteria, such as type of terrain, terrain characteristics, and whether there are multiple types of terrain. 

There are five categories of classification:Category I: Traffic-friendly classification.

These are categories that are usually associated with higher levels of activity, such a motorway. 

Category II: Operational-friendly classifications.

These include road-traffic-free and road-access roads. 

Categories III and IV: Off-road classification categories which provide higher level of recreational activity, and are used by many different off-roading activities. 

Note: Category I classification categories are based on physical characteristics, such road types, terrain and accessibility characteristics.

Category II classification categories include technical attributes such as weather and other conditions, including road wear and tear. 

In a classification, the characteristics of a particular type of offroad terrain are taken on a case-by-case basis and are only classified as suitable for off- road classification if they meet the criteria in the classification criteria. 

For example, if a category III road is classified as a ‘Traffic’ classification, but the terrain has been classified as an ‘Operational’ category and is suitable for recreational activity on it, then it will be classified as such.

Category V: Special Off- Road classification categories for special conditions or terrain types, such like bushfires. 

A Special Off- road Classification is a category which is categorised for the specific type of road, terrain, or other special conditions that may exist.

The categories are not usually used by recreational operators, and may be classified in different ways. 

These categories are also generally not listed on the Roads and Maritime Services website.

Category VI: Roads and Maritime Off- Roads classification categories, which may be more suitable for a specific type and/or terrain of road and/ or terrain.

The classification criteria vary from state to state and there is a great amount of variation between states.

However, in general the categories fall into one of two categories: Category I and Category II. 

Special off- roads category: These are the categories which do not meet the classification guidelines.

Category I classification is the least common type, and these categories are usually classified as ‘Special’ classification by the Roads Australia.

Category II classification is generally reserved for those that meet the requirements for a category II classification. 

Types of Off- roads and terrain categories:There are a number of different categories of terrain and terrain types in Australia, and they range from small dirt and mud roads, to high-quality terrain, to hard and wet terrain.

These terrain types can vary in terms of elevation and speed, and in the degree of slope and water resistance.

The classification categories do not apply to the specific terrain type, but to the characteristics and performance of the terrain.

A few of the categories listed below include:Category 1: Classification by terrain type (e.g. dirt roads, grass roads, wet grass roads)Category 2: Type of terrain (i.e. dirt, grass, rocky, mud)Category 3: Speed (e,g.

5-15 km/h, 20-40 km/hr, 50-70 km/hour)Category 4: Height (e)Category 5: Lifespan (years)Category 6: Surface area (metres)Category 7: Depth (meters)Category 8: Density (kg/metres2)Category 9: Traction (N/A)Category 10: Number of road sections (in km2)Categories 11-14: Difficulty ratingCategory 15: Grade ratingCategory 16: Distance from road edgeCategory 17: Elevation ratingCategory 18: Boulder/surface gradeRating for Category 15, Category 16 and Category 17 is 1 (1) for an 8-10 metre gradient, 1 (2) for a 4-5 metre gradient and 2 (3) for higher grades.

Category 19: Maximum gradient (metre)Category 20: Minimum gradientCategory 21: Snow ratingCategory 22: Water ratingCategory 23: Wind ratingCategory 24: FrequencyRatingCategory 25: Average speed ratingCategory 26: Percentage ratingCategory 27: Horse

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