October 14, 2021

Posted April 18, 2019 15:08:03In The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Peter Jackson’s new epic film, there are a number of characters who are considered “big fans” of the story.

But it turns out that there are plenty of critics and moviegoers who don’t like the film, according to a survey conducted by the UK-based online news site BuzzFeed.

“In terms of the reaction that people have given to the film they’re a bit disappointed with it, but there’s not a whole lot of negative responses to the characters and the world that’s been created,” BuzzFeed’s Jordan Breen said.

A survey of 526 people who’ve seen the film in theaters and who’ve commented on Twitter reveals that “big fan” status is a strong word to describe some of the critics.

When BuzzFeed asked the people what they thought of the film and if they felt they were a “big” fan, the responses ranged from “I’m a big fan of the book and it’s the only thing that matters” to “I don’t really understand why anyone would be a big fans of the films version of the characters.”

A lot of people felt that “the book is pretty great” and “they’ve made a great movie,” but there were some who were unhappy with the ending, which was “terrible.” 

The survey also found that there’s a “small but vocal” group of “non-traditional fans” who have enjoyed the film but have also been “scared” by the “dark and gritty” themes of the first three films.

One person was so concerned about the movie’s “darkness” that they didn’t bother to watch the entire first film in order to avoid the darker themes, BuzzFeed said. 

What you need to know about ‘The Desolation’ The Desolated LandsThe Desolated RealmsThe Desolate Realms The Desolate LandsThe Great LandsThe Forgotten LandsThe Return of the KingThe DescentThe Great Waters of the SeaThe DescendantsThe Described RacesIn The Desolations of Smoggoth, the main antagonist Smaug appears as a dragon.

He uses the power of his hatred to enslave and kill all the dwarves, trolls, and other “unfair” creatures.

After Smaug’s defeat, Thorin Oakenshield, the dwarf leader who led the Fellowship of the Ring, leads a campaign to free the Dwarves from their bondage, a process that includes stealing the treasure of a dragon that has been in the possession of the dwarves.

The story follows the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and the Dwarfs, as they embark on their quest to free Smaug from the clutches of the dragon.

The movie also stars Emilia Clarke, who is the new “Big Bang Theory” star, as Smaug.

This year’s trailer for The Desolition of Smoggy Smog was released by Warner Bros. It was released to a positive response.

The trailer was viewed by 4.4 million people, a strong number.

In a story about the rise of the Internet, the BBC reported on the popularity of social media.

Over 1 million people were following the hashtag #BringBackTheMovies, which has become the most-followed hashtag in the history of the BBC.

However, there was a backlash among some critics who saw the film as “unrepresentative” of modern cinema.

Critics also complained that the film was set in the Middle East, which is not the Middle Eastern region that most people have heard of.

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