October 14, 2021

Paxton and his father have spent many hours driving around with a toy car in his lap, watching the car race against other cars and trying to figure out how to get it to play the race.

He’s had no luck.

“It’s like, ‘Oh, I can’t do this,’ ” Paxton said.

“The toy car doesn’t understand what it’s doing.

It’s like a toy.”

Paxton’s father has to drive the toy car himself, and he said the car has become too big for the little boy to hold.

“He doesn’t like the fact that I’m driving,” Paxton recalled.

“But it’s so big, it’s not too big.

And he doesn’t know why.”

Paeson has started a petition on Change.org that has gathered over 40,000 signatures and calls for a recall of the toy toy car.

He said he was frustrated by the toy cars, and that the only thing he could do was wait.

“I didn’t want to do it, so I thought I’d wait until he was older and we’d have some kind of family reunion,” Paeson said.

But now Paxton is trying to get his father to come to a race in Texas, but said he can’t guarantee that he’ll make it to the event.

“If you can’t get to a place, the first thing you want to get to is the finish line,” Paeston said.

A petition to recall the toy pinball car has gathered more than 40,100 signatures.

“This is not an American issue,” Paeton said.

Paxton has tried to get Paxton to bring a car, but the family said he doesn.

“You have to drive it, and then you have to make sure that you don’t hit anybody else, and if you hit someone else, it is going to be a big problem,” Paemon said.

When asked about the toy’s popularity, Paxton had no comment.

“That’s all up to him,” Paquin said.

He called the toy “an American issue.”

“I’m not going to talk about American politics, because I don’t think that’s a good idea.

It doesn’t make sense,” Pa Quin said.

Poppy, the dog who loves to race and loves to play, loves the toy too.

“Oh, the thing’s great, the car is great,” she said.

She said she’s been trying to race against the toy.

“When it’s running it’s really fun,” she told Paxton.

So, yeah, that’s what it is,” Poppy said.

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