October 11, 2021

The United States’ agriculture is doing better than the rest of the world, according to a new report that ranks America’s largest agriculture regions based on their food production per capita.

The Agricultural Production Index, released by the USDA’s Department of Agriculture (USDA), ranked states based on the amount of food produced per capita in the United States in 2016.

It found that Texas and Louisiana are the top two producers in the country and Iowa is the second largest producer.

But the report said the United Kingdom, Canada and China are the world’s top two.

The United Kingdom’s food production is the third highest in the world.

It ranks third in terms of the amount it consumes per person.

Canada is ranked fourth.

The Agriculture Production Index ranks the food supply, production and consumption of each state based on five criteria: land use, water resources, water quality, energy, and human development.

The USDA says its analysis includes both local and national sources, but it doesn’t include the value of natural resources.

The report says California, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Florida and Illinois are the three states that have the most food production, but that’s not necessarily the case in every case.

Texas, which ranked first in the US for food production in 2016, has more food than most other states, but Texas has the lowest food consumption per capita of the five.

The study’s co-author, Mike Friel, told CBC News the report is a useful tool for understanding the U.S. food system.

“The food supply is important to understanding food security, food security and food security.

It’s also important to understand the human cost of the food system,” he said.”

We know from previous studies that the food that we produce is far more expensive than what we consume, and that that impacts people’s health, and ultimately the health of the country.

So it is very important for our economy to know what the value is of the U:s food supply to society.”

The USDA report also includes the amount each state contributes to global warming.

It finds that California’s contribution to global temperatures has been roughly 20 percent since 1960.

California is a major contributor to global climate change, but its contribution has been declining over time.

California’s contribution in 2016 was about 10 percent of global emissions, according the report.

The ranking is based on an assessment of the total amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the amount the U,S.

produces in the process of producing it.

It also looks at the amount that each state emits in terms the amount in total global emissions and the total emissions produced by each state per capita, and how much the state contributes in terms to global emissions per capita and total emissions.

The USDA says that California produced 1,716,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 alone, more than any other state, but the report says the state has made significant progress in reducing its emissions over the past few years.

“It’s also worth noting that while the U’s emissions have decreased, California’s emissions per person have increased substantially since 2000,” the USDA report says.

The rankings, released Thursday, show that the U.,S.

has more than quadrupled its greenhouse gas emission since 2000.

But it also shows that the economy has been in a steady decline for the past several decades, with growth slowing in the early 2000s and slowing again in the last few years, according.

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