September 16, 2021

A woman’s Craigslist search for a BMW has turned up photos that were posted to a classifieds site without her permission.

The images, which include a man posing with a pair of shoes, were posted by a man who goes by the name “Klindy” on the classifieds website KSL Cars Cars and used her real name.

The stolen photos are the first in a string of stolen photos posted by people who used the alias “KLINDY” on KSL cars cars, including photos of a man’s girlfriend posing with her car.

Klintz is the only person listed as a person who has been banned from posting on Ksl Cars Cars, a popular classifieds page for car buyers.

She told ABC News on Monday that she used her KSL car to rent a car to take a family member to an upcoming vacation.

She said she was in a carpool with a friend and the car had a rear-view mirror installed, and when the family member came out to the side of the road, they were surrounded by cars.

The group got out of the car and were stopped by police, but Klindy says she wasn’t aware of this until later.

She was then taken into custody and charged with one count of burglary.

She was not identified.KSL Cars posted on its website a photo of the man and his girlfriend posing in the parking lot, with a message saying they were having a date at a nearby hotel.

“I hope the police caught him and arrested him for this heinous crime,” the man’s partner wrote.

“Klinder’s” photo and message went viral on social media and were picked up by ABC News and other news outlets.

A KSL spokesperson said in a statement that the KSL police department has “received reports that a woman may have been the victim of a similar crime involving a BMW vehicle.”

“The KSL Police Department is actively investigating this case, and will provide additional information when it is available,” the statement said.

Ksl Cars has posted an update on its page to the public explaining that it is looking into the incident.

“The owner of this vehicle has been identified and is cooperating with our law enforcement partners,” the update said.

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