September 16, 2021

CNN NEW YORK — You’ve probably seen the name “Dickinson” or “Duck” before.

But in a state where a large percentage of residents speak a language other than English, there’s nothing inherently wrong with identifying a particular animal as a duck.

But what if you don’t know what the name means?

The name refers to the ducks that have been born to a couple in rural Oklahoma.

The pair have been called the Duck Family, after the late Roy Duck, who founded the family business in 1905.

The duck business has grown rapidly in the state, with a duck farm and pond in a small community just outside of Oklahoma City.

The couple, Jim and Dolly Duck, have owned the duck farm for more than 50 years, and have raised more than 40,000 ducks.

Their duck farm has raised about 100,000 ducklings in the past 50 years.

Dolly said her daughter, a year-old chick named Tia, is a “very cute duck.”

The duck farm is part of a larger duck breeding program, with an estimated 10,000 breeding ducks in the area.

It’s important for the duck farmers to keep their ducks healthy, said Jim Duck.

If you see an unhealthy duck, you should bring it in, Jim Duck said.

Tia was born at the Duck Farm and she is now about two years old.

In a previous life, Tia’s father, Jim, worked for the Department of Agriculture and was working at a pond in the Oklahoman River Valley.

Jim Duck said that in the summer of 2000, he noticed an unusual duck with long, thin legs.

“We got a little worried because that duck looked like a duck,” he said.

“We didn’t know much about the duck, but we knew he had short legs and the color was white.”

Jim Duck called the veterinarian and the vet gave Tia to him.

Tia, who is about one year old, was taken to the Duck Farmers’ Center in Oklahoma City for evaluation.

He weighed about 100 pounds, and had the typical white-and-black coloring.

A few days later, the doctor told Jim Duck that Tia was healthy.

Tias eyesight has been restored and he is now learning to run on his own.

He is learning to duck jump and swim on his very own, Jim Ducks daughter said.

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