September 7, 2021

By Alex FraderaOctober 10, 2017 2:20pmA new book by feminist and anti-feminist author Elena Ferrante has just been released.

Ferrantes book, titled “I Am Not Your Woman: The Feminist Revolution and the Search for a New Way Forward”, offers a fascinating insight into the intersection of feminism and politics.

In the book, Ferrantet outlines how, as a young feminist, she was exposed to feminist activism by her grandmother and her father.

She also explains how her mother’s radical politics and her family’s struggles have shaped her political outlook, and her feminist views.

The book was originally published in 2017.

Ferringen says it’s an “inspiring and timely book,” but also argues that “feminism is not a progressive movement that seeks to transform the world; it is a conservative movement that is obsessed with gender.

Its aim is to control women’s bodies, control women, and to control our lives, our choices, and our futures.”

Ferrante, a political analyst and commentator for “The Young Turks,” believes the rise of feminism is a direct result of the American feminist movement’s emphasis on women and their place in society.

Ferranet points out that women’s rights movements like the ones that she’s witnessed have been a direct consequence of the sexual revolution.

“The sexual revolution has been a turning point in American feminism, not a turning back, because there is no turning back to a sexual revolution in the United States,” Ferranted.

“When you think about the sexual revolutions, and you think of the fact that a woman had to be very, very, physically and emotionally abused, you think, ‘Well, it’s because of the women.'”

Ferrantes point to the rise in the number of women’s prisons, as well as the increase in the frequency of rape.

She says the movement has also impacted the way we think about rape culture, which has also affected the way rape is discussed.

“Women who come forward to say that they were sexually abused in the past have been seen as a threat, as if they were a rapist,” she said.

Ferrantet says the rise and fall of sexual violence in the U.S. has also influenced the way women are viewed in the public eye.

She notes that women are often accused of rape when they do not actually commit the crime.

“It’s a narrative that’s very much about women’s control over their bodies, their control over who they can be, their power over what they do,” Ferringes said.

“But when you look at the reality, and the statistics show that women in the US are actually more likely to be killed by their male partners than by a stranger, then you see that the narrative is not that the victim is the criminal.

It’s the offender is the victim.”

The book also argues for a return to traditional gender roles.

“Gender roles are rooted in the very structure of the relationship between women and men, and their roles are based on the physical characteristics of the two individuals,” Ferran said.

“In many cases, men are more powerful and dominant in the relationships that they have with women than women are in the relationship with men.”

Ferringes book has garnered a ton of attention, as many have taken to social media to express their disgust and dismay over the author’s views.

“It is a very disturbing book to read,” said one Twitter user.

“I can’t imagine what she’s thinking, but it makes me sick.”

“The book is so incredibly damaging and hurtful to the lives of women and children that are harmed,” wrote another.

“She’s not only hurting women, but she’s hurting children as well.”

Ferra said she hopes that the book “can be an important step toward making sure we do not turn back into the past.”

She also called for a new generation of women to be empowered by her ideas and her ideas of the future.

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