September 1, 2021

An Australian archer who sparked outrage on social media has been reinstated after the clip was taken down.

The clip, posted on Instagram by former professional bowler Josh Goggins, was taken in 2015 and shows him and teammate Andrew Cawthorn engaging in a heated debate.

The video sparked an international outcry, with the video quickly being removed by Instagram and Facebook.

A spokeswoman for the ABC said the footage had been removed from its website but the network was still investigating how it was posted.

The ABC did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Goggs and Cawstorn, who have since moved to Melbourne, were both training at the Australian Outdoor Championships in 2015 when the argument broke out.

Cawston was later named Australia’s top archer and was the only player in the world to win the Australian Open, the men’s world championships, the World Championships, and the European Championships.

The incident was captured on a GoPro camera mounted on a wall in the archery studio.

The two were seen arguing at a distance, and were eventually separated by a fence and another competitor.

“I was in the studio and I was talking to Andrew and Josh and we were both yelling at each other and I didn’t hear Josh say anything,” Goggin told the ABC.

“We were arguing, we were screaming and we didn’t get out of each other’s way, so I took off and got to my next shot.”

The clip was quickly removed from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

“After seeing the reaction of people, we decided to take the clip down.

There was a lot of hurt in the room,” Goggin said.

“When you’re in the middle of the action, you can’t even say anything.

It’s very embarrassing, and we can’t help but be ashamed of ourselves for doing something like that.”

Goggons lawyer, James Linton, said the clip had been “reposted on numerous sites including YouTube and Facebook”.

“There is no evidence that Josh Goggins, Andrew Cauff and Josh Gowthorn were arguing or engaged in any sort of physical contact,” Linton said.

But the video had been re-posted on several websites including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Gogggins, who now lives in New Zealand, is an Olympic silver medallist and a two-time Australian of the Year.

He also won the 2014 World Championships gold medal.

Cauffer has since retired from competitive archery.

He is a former Olympic gold medallists.

A spokesman for Instagram said the company had “reached out to the two individuals who posted the video” and “was reviewing the content”.

Instagram had been alerted to the clip in January, but it did not take any action until it was uploaded to the platform.

Instagram also said it would review the content and remove it from the site if it is found to be inappropriate.

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