August 27, 2021

The dog classified as a dangerous dog has some of the best rewards. 

But it can also lead to a lot of problems for the dog owner and for the pet industry. 

And that’s why there’s a class-action lawsuit in Florida charging owners of puppies that are classified as dangerous, who don’t pay a fee and are then thrown out of their homes.

The owners of the puppies say they were thrown out because the puppy had been “diagnosed with a genetic disorder that causes an aggressive response and a lack of socialization,” and “could be dangerous to people and pets.” 

The lawsuit is the latest in a long string of cases that have seen dog owners and pet trainers sued for failing to properly classify the animals.

In the lawsuit, the owners argue that the dog is not a dangerous breed because the owners have taken measures to prevent the puppies from being dangerous to humans and pets. 

According to the lawsuit: “If the dog were a dangerous animal, the owner would have been required to pay a $20 fee for a classification certificate.” 

“It is well known that the law requires the owner of a dangerous, vicious or aggressive animal to pay $20 for a dog classification certificate,” the lawsuit states.

“The fact that the puppy was not classified as such demonstrates that the owners are not taking reasonable steps to ensure that the puppies are not dangerous to other people or pets.”

In response to the class action lawsuit, pet store owner Mark D. Stearns, owner of the Animal Rescue League in Tallahassee, Florida, said he’s seen some dog owners pay a small fee to be certified as dangerous. 

“If you get a dog, you have to take the money and pay it up front, because you’re going to have to give it to the animal’s responsible party,” he told CNN affiliate WKMG-TV in Tallangah.

Stearns said he understands the value of a dog to a pet owner, but he thinks it should be up to the owners to pay.

“The owners have to be responsible for the safety of the dog and its owner,” he said. 

The owners say they have received complaints from owners in other states that the state of Florida has put pressure on them to take steps to make the puppies safer.

“We’ve seen the state take steps in this area that they feel have an impact on the breed, and they’ve even tried to remove a dog from the registry because of this.

That’s just not a fair system, I think,” Stearnes said.

A spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Agriculture told CNN that breed classification laws are the law in Florida and the dog owners are solely responsible for their dogs. 

(Read more about puppy breeders and puppy breed law in the State of Florida’s dog registry laws .)

“There is no way to tell whether a dog will be a dangerous or a good companion if it has been classified as potentially dangerous,” the spokeswoman said.

“If a puppy is not dangerous, it is considered to be a good pet.

It is important that the public have a clear understanding of the laws governing these breeds.”

A dog classification is a certification issued by the state to an animal that is determined to be dangerous.

A dog is considered dangerous if it shows a history of being aggressive, dangerous, aggressive or aggressive toward humans or animals.

A dog may be classified as “dangerous” if it: (1) shows a low threshold for behavior; (2) has an aggressive disposition or behavior toward people or animals; (3) exhibits a low tolerance for other animals or for other people; (4) shows an abnormal history of aggression; (5) has a history or potential for aggression towards humans; (6) has been reported to have a history, or potential, of causing injury to people or other animals; and (7) is likely to cause serious injury to humans or other dogs.

The state’s website also says a dog may not be dangerous if a dog has a documented history of serious injuries to humans, dogs or other pets, or if the dog has not been tested for the condition, which can include heart or lung disease.

The dog classification law is controversial in the pet trade. 

Last year, the Humane Society of the United States filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court against the Florida legislature, claiming that the bill violated the Animal Welfare Act of 1966.

The organization said the law violated the U.S. Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

In response, Gov.

Rick Scott said in January he would sign a bill that would allow people to classify their dogs as dangerous if they have the best interests of their dog at heart.

“I am very excited about the bill that has been signed into law that allows people to breed their dogs to be classified by their owner as dangerous dogs if the owner has the best interest of the pet at heart,” Scott said at the time. 

Dogs that are categorized

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