August 24, 2021

Military service is compulsory in the armed forces of the Republic of India, but some of the services are classified military.

The military service is mandatory to all citizens of the country and includes military personnel who are serving in various types of positions.

Military services are subject to varying conditions, ranging from service in the navy to service in various positions in the army, the police, special forces and the national defense forces.

A member of the National Guard stands at attention during the National Defence Force parade in Mumbai, on August 27, 2017.(Source: Reuters)Army serviceA person who has served in the Indian Armed Forces is entitled to military retirement when he reaches 50 years of age and has served at least three years.

Military retirement is available to anyone who is a citizen of India who is serving in the Armed Forces at the age of 50 years or more.

Military service is subject to different conditions, from service as a fighter pilot in the air force to service as an officer of the defence forces.

Military pensionsA person serving in a military service as per the terms of his military retirement is entitled under Indian law to receive pensions in the amount of Rs.10,000 per month and is entitled in case of death, to receive the death benefit in the form of life insurance.

A person serving as an infantryman is entitled as per Indian law also to receive pension in the range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000.

In the event of retirement, the pension is to be transferred to the surviving spouse or a person with a high degree of financial responsibility.

Military pensions are to be made available on request.

Military academiesA person enrolled in the Military Academies is entitled, on request, to join the military academies as per his or her requirements and the same can be done if the person has reached 50 years as per international regulations.

The National Military Training Academy and the National Military Academy of Excellence are the two military acadrams.

According to the government, a person who does not have military education or a high school diploma is entitled for military training and education through the Army’s Military Training College.

A person enrolling in the National Army Training College or the National Air Force Training College is entitled on request to join either the National Armed Forces Training College of the Army or the Army Aviation Training College, whichever is better.

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