August 6, 2021

The Dublin City Council has introduced a “no-contact” pet policy for all dogs in public places, with a new “pet-friendly” campaign aimed at attracting more dog owners to the city.

Under the policy, dogs that are confined to a pet-friendly area will not be permitted to roam freely and must be placed in a dog-proof enclosure.

Dog owners who opt to place their dogs in a non-pet-specific area will also be able to leave them in a secure enclosure for up to six months.

However, any dog found outside of a secure area will be subject to a €200 fine, and the dog may be banned from any part of the city for two years.

The council also said it would introduce a new code of conduct for pet owners to keep their dogs safe and well.

The rules include the following restrictions for all public spaces:There are restrictions on how dogs are allowed in a public space.

No dog is allowed to wander onto or into the street.

No dogs are permitted to walk around or around the dog park, including in the dog enclosure.

Dogs may not be allowed to leave a dog area without a pet owner’s permission.

The city is currently working on a code of practice for all dog owners.

City councillor Patrick O’Connor said it was important to protect dogs from the elements.

“The city has a strong reputation for a safe and welcoming environment for dogs and it is good that we are looking at ways to help address the problems of outdoor dogs,” he said.

The campaign will begin this summer, and a full set of guidelines will be published in December.

“We are in the process of looking at what is the best approach to making this a more pet-safe city and we want to ensure we’re not putting people’s lives at risk.

We are trying to make this as simple as possible,” he added.

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