August 4, 2021

It has been reported that some marine species are poorly represented in science fiction and fantasy literature and that their habitats are under threat.

In fact, marine species in some parts of the world are often depicted as exotic animals.

This is because some writers are reluctant to write about them because they fear it will upset their own sensibilities or upset those of the public.

However, these fears are not valid, says marine biologist John Kavanagh from the University of Western Australia in Perth.

Kavanagh says some marine animals are misunderstood because of their small size.

“In science fiction it’s the bigger, the better, the faster, the bigger the better,” he says.

“But if you’re talking about a predator, that’s not really an appropriate thing to say.”

You’re better off saying something like, ‘The smaller the better.

You can have a better life.’

“It’s like, it’s not a predator you can have an easier life.

It’s not an island you can live on.”

Kavanah says if a marine animal is not a big fish, the writer might be more concerned with the size of the animal.

If that animal has no other predators, it might be easier to write a book about them, he says, and it’s a much better representation of the species.

A popular science fiction story is The Return of the Green Men from the 1950s.

The story centres on a group of alien invaders who discover a planet-sized colony on the moon and bring it to Earth.

It is the last remaining human colony on Earth and is ruled by a group known as the GreenMen.

They have captured Earth’s population and forced them to live underground.

After the aliens have destroyed the Moon, the Greenmen attack Earth’s military base, destroying it and the entire planet.

Kavanakh says the story might be a little too simplistic to be a real representation of life on Earth.

“The problem with that story is it’s too simplistic.

It is about the threat of the invasion.

If it had been about the invasion of a country, it would be much more complex and realistic,” he explains.

Some species, such as the jellyfish, can live for thousands of years without having a chance to reproduce.

Kavanagh says they’re not as well represented in popular fiction as the bluefin tuna.

“It doesn’t make sense to have them all being represented as a single species in a story that tells of a single group of species,” he said.

“A lot of times, we do get species that are very well represented that are small but they’re still very big and they’re also very dangerous.”

We do see some species of jellyfish that live for a long time and are very, very big.

That’s very different to the GreenMan invasion.

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