July 28, 2021

Oklahomans get more traffic- related injuries per capita than any other state, according to data compiled by a nonprofit research organization.

But the state ranks dead last in injury-related fatalities and injuries to motorists.

Oklahoma City is the second-deadliest city in the nation for traffic fatalities.

The city is also the worst for crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists, and the second worst for motorcyclists.

Oklahoma is also ranked second in the country for pedestrian injuries and fourth in the world for crashes resulting in deaths, according the Center for Injury Research and Policy, or CALIPS.

Oklahoma ranked as the worst state for pedestrians injuries per 100,000 residents, according data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The state ranked as one of the most dangerous states for cyclists.

The Center for Insurance Information and Research said a pedestrian accident in Oklahoma City in 2011 killed 11 people.

Oklahoma was ranked second-worst in the U.S. for crashes for pedestrians resulting in death, according TOI.

The State of Oklahoma ranked first-worst for crashes related to motorcyclist injuries and injuries, according CALIPS data.

Oklahoma ranks as the fifth-worst state for cyclists injured in crashes, according a report from Bike Oklahoma, an advocacy group.

Oklahoma’s average cycling injury rate is four times higher than the national average, according Bike Oklahoma.

OKC is also at the top of the list of states for motorcycle accidents, according state data.

The Oklahoma City area has the second highest number of motorcycle-related crashes in the state, with 6,000 motorcycle crashes reported in the last five years.

The area also has the fourth-highest number of motorcyclism fatalities, according TRAFFIC, a statewide database of traffic crashes.

Oklahoma has a large population of bicyclists, according CalIPS data, and bike lanes and trails were designed to increase safety and reduce crashes.

OK, where a bike lane will be installed on a major highway next year, is the fifth worst state in the United States for bicycle injuries and crashes, said CALIPS’ data.

It ranks as one the most unsafe states for bicyclists and one of only three states where bike lanes are not on a highway.

Oklahoma state Sen. Matt Russell, R-Oklahoma City, said he wants to see better policies that make Oklahoma safer for bicyclist and pedestrian safety.

Russell, a former police officer, is a member of the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Russell has introduced bills to make Oklahoma’s motorcycle lane program mandatory and to provide bike lanes to cyclists on highways.

Russell said he’s also introduced legislation to fund bicycle infrastructure projects in Oklahoma.

The bills include the “Bike on Highway” initiative, which would fund bicycle-focused bike lanes.

He said he hopes that this will result in better safety on roads.

Russell also wants to make motorcycle safety training mandatory for law enforcement officers.

Russell is not the only lawmaker who has introduced a bill to make bike safety training more common.

In September, Oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill that would require all law enforcement agencies to provide at least one bike safety course for every officer on their force.

Oklahoma also has a law that requires all motorcycle law enforcement to have bike safety classes for at least four hours per month.

Oklahoma and Michigan have also passed bills to require bike safety instruction for all police officers, which is also being passed in Oklahoma and in Michigan.

Russell’s bill would also provide funding for bike safety and bike infrastructure projects.

OK was ranked in the top 10 states for cycling fatalities per 100 million residents in 2013, according ToI.

Oklahoma reported its 10th death from a traffic crash involving a cyclist in 2018.

In 2018, the state reported 29 traffic fatalities, including 12 pedestrians, according Traffic Safety Institute data.

Tulsa had the most deaths per 100 000 residents.

Tulsa was also in the 10th place in Oklahoma for bike injuries and deaths per capita.

In 2017, the city reported 26 bicycle-related pedestrian injuries, including seven pedestrians.

Tulsa also ranked first for motor vehicle crashes resulting with deaths, injury and fatalities.

Tulsa ranks as Oklahoma’s most dangerous state for motorist injuries per 10,000 population.

Tulsa is one of five Oklahoma cities with the highest pedestrian injuries per traffic fatality rate, according, TOI data.

In Oklahoma City, where an emergency room physician reported five pedestrians were injured, the number of pedestrian injuries was the highest in the city, according TxDOT data.

OK has a higher percentage of pedestrians injured in a crash than any of the other states, according that data.

According to CALIPS, Oklahoma has the 10 th-worst pedestrian injury rate for pedestrians and bicyclists per 10 000 population.

Oklahoma had the 12th-highest pedestrian injuries for motor vehicles, according Trafic data.

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