July 16, 2021

VLC Media Player does not have a classifier.

However, it does have an encoder.

The encoder will give you a class rating that tells you what the content is.

To classify a video, it looks up the codec (codec ID) on the video’s codec page.

If you have a codec ID of a different name, like MPEG-4 AVC or VP8, it will give the video a different class.

You can see the codec ID in the Video Codec section of the Video Player preferences menu.

If the video has a different codec, you will get a warning message and a warning that you will need to update your codec settings.

It’s also possible to change the codec for the video, but this is not recommended.

You will need your codec key to update it.

The codec key will change in the settings menu.

To change the classifier for a video in the video preferences menu, click on the codec you want to change and click on Properties.

If your video has two codecs, you can change them with the new codec key.

To switch codecs for a single video, select all of the codecs in the menu bar and click the gear icon to open the dropdown menu.

You should see the new settings for the codec key in the dialog box.

Then you can click OK to close the dialog.

The classifier will show in the Codecs tab.

To set the encoder, go to the Video codec section and select the encoders tab.

You may need to scroll down a bit to see the encodes you want.

For example, the codec that is listed is MPEG-4 AAC.

The default encoding for the encoded video is MP4.

If no encoder is set, VLC will use the default encoding.

To get the encoding of the encody, click the encouter icon and click Set Codec.

The dialog box will pop up, allowing you to choose the encodiption.

The video will now show as encodable, but it may not appear correctly.

You need to make the codec selection again to make it appear correctly on the screen.

To stop using the encoreencoder, click Stop Codec.

This will stop VLC from using the default codec and will set the default encoder to MP4 AAC instead.

For more information, see the video codec section.

The audio codec classifier classifies the audio stream and the bit rate.

To use the classify video, click Set Audio Codec.

You’ll need to enter the encoding of the audio streams you want classifying.

For most video codecs (e.g., MJPEG, MPEG-2, AVC), you can type the bitrate in bytes per second.

For MP4, the audio codec has a bitrate that varies based on the bit size of the video.

For the AAC codec, the bitsize is fixed, so if you type a bitsize of 1.0kbps, then the codec will decode at 1.25Mbps.

To learn more about the codec, see Encoding Audio Codecs.

For information about how to change codecs or stop using a codec, check out Classifying a Video.

To disable a classify, click Show Classify.

To show the video in a different tab, click Tools > Video Player > Show Classified.

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