July 16, 2021

An old dog has a new home in the South Africa Army.

A senior officer in the 3rd Brigade’s 3rd Division said the unit’s new canine handler, a female who had spent several years in the United States, will join its ranks in August.

“She has been working with our dogs and is very happy with the way they perform,” Brigadier General Cyril Sengs said.

The new handler, whose name was withheld, has been a key part of the brigade’s canine programme since January last year.

“We are happy to welcome her with open arms to the South Australian Army, and look forward to working with her to ensure that our men are ready for their training when the new year arrives,” Brig Gen Seng said.

The South African Defence Force (SADF) is the only force in the country to have a canine handler.

SADFs new canine unit will be comprised of four dogs, including one that was bred for military duty, according to Brig Gen Cyril.

“It will be the most complete canine unit in the SADF,” he said.

“It is not only the best canine handler we have in the military, it is also the most professional and experienced handler we are aware of.”

“She will be a very welcome addition to our canine training programme, and we will continue to support her throughout her stay,” Brig General Cyrill said.

Brig Gen C.S. Rambon said the new handler would have to undergo an intensive three-month training course to ensure she was fit for duty.

She will also need to undergo a medical check up, which will be completed by a veterinarian.

Brig Gen Cyrill also said that the new dog would not have access to weapons or ammunition during the training period, which is expected to last two months.

Soldiers will be able to adopt the dog at the SACC training centre in the KwaZulu-Natal province, but Brig Gen Rambons plans to have the dogs trained in South Africa before moving them to South Africa.

A new South African dog handler has arrived in the ranks.

 Posted by South African Military at 12:59:01

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