July 12, 2021


— It is very disappointing, particularly for our community,” said Chris Hickey, the president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Municipalities.

Hickey was speaking to reporters Tuesday afternoon after the province’s minister of municipal affairs announced that samba-classifieds, the province�s classification system, had been pulled from the province website.

The announcement came less than a week after it was announced that Saskatchewan would stop selling the classification system to the province, effectively ending the province-wide sale of samba equipment.

The decision comes less than two weeks after it became clear that the government�s samba classification system had been taken down.

Hickey said he hopes that other jurisdictions follow Saskatchewan�s example and keep their classifieds in public. “

I think that we�ve been very successful in getting the classifications, and the information that is available in the classification systems, into the public domain, so that the province can be a leader in information technology,” said Hickey.

Hickey said he hopes that other jurisdictions follow Saskatchewan�s example and keep their classifieds in public.

But he also said he is concerned about what this means for the thousands of people who use samba classes to learn how to use sambassa.

“It is an incredibly valuable asset to people that are learning to play samba,” he said.

Last month, the sampan community of Saskatoon issued a list of recommendations for how to make its samba classifications accessible online, including making it easier to add and delete classes and ensuring that the information is available for free.

The Saskatoon-based group called for the province to include the classifications in a website that people can go to and search for.

The province has been the target of criticism over its decision to drop the classified system, but Hickey says the province is working to fix the issue.

The provincial government also said Tuesday that it will continue to sell samba certification through a partnership with the Association of Samba Certified Educators, which provides training to people who have purchased samba training equipment.

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