June 22, 2021


The four-year-old Irish ponies who are in their first year in the UK are just a week old.

They have been housed in the new facilities, a 10-hectare (30-acre) barn in Ballymote, north-west of Dublin, which is being built by US-based company Zillow, and will be home to the first of three puppies.

The company said the horses were not expected to stay for long in the United Kingdom, which it said had been the most welcoming country for horses since the end of the Great Hunger.

“We had a lot of people say that we should have had a longer-term relationship with them, they should have been closer to the border,” Zillows CEO Jim O’Connor said.

“The horses were just really excited, the vets said they are so happy to have them, the breeder was really happy with them and it’s really amazing to see.”

The puppies, which weigh about 25kg, were born at the Zillowing centre in Blyth on November 12.

The breeder has been working with Zillowers staff and vets since then, and is now in the process of selecting and training the puppies for the first breeding.

It was a huge step for the horses, and it was a great opportunity to see the first-hand the benefits of a long-term relationships with people,” Mr O’Connors said.

The breeder is trying to train the horses to do things like graze on grass, and to have a normal life in a barn, he said, adding the horses will soon be able to go for a walk.”

They are now a week-old and we’re expecting to start breeding them in two months’ time, but they’ve got a lot more to learn,” he said.THE PUPPA’S LIFE IN THE UK The four- and five-year old horses have been bred for the Zilow breeder in the US and were shipped out for their new home in December.

The breeder is trying to train the horses to do things like graze on grass, and to have a normal life in a barn, he said, adding the horses will soon be able to go for a walk.

The US-born horses are expected to be in Ireland for a year or two before they are re-homed in the USA, where they will begin their journey home.

Zillow is a US-founded technology company that specialises in equine training.

It has been developing software to help horse breeders and their staff train their horses and the horses have already been shown to be much better at working with people than the horses in the U.S. It is the largest breeding facility in the world.

It is estimated that about 1.8 million horses are kept in Ireland, and a third of them are used in racing, which the Irish horse breed is a part of.

Zilow said it has been providing horse breeding services in Ireland since 2005 and that it was proud to be part of a community that has welcomed its first four- or five-month-old horses into the world in just a few weeks.

“It’s amazing, this is a huge win for the Irish breeders,” Zilows chief executive, Jim OConnor, said.

“There are a lot that have been waiting for the chance to breed with the horses and this is the first opportunity for them.”‘

We are in awe’Zillows founder, Jim Dolan, said the success of the horses was just a small part of what the company is doing to support the Irish economy.

“One of the things we know that’s helped us a lot is that we are in essence in awe of the Irish people, that we know what they are going through, and we know how to do that, and I think that’s one of the main things that we see in them,” Mr Dolan said.

The Irish horse breeder’s goal is to have three of the four horses ready to be sent back to the United States in three years time, and Mr OConnor said the first two were likely to be available by the end the year.

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